Safe Visitation

When families are dealing with the impact of domestic violence the Safe Visitation program is a neutral based program which allows the children to continue to visit with the non-custodial parent in a supportive environment.   We support the premise that children grow up to be healthier, adaptive individuals and contribute to the community knowing both parents love and support them.

Who qualifies for the program?

Safe Visitation services are for families where intimate partner violence has occurred.  Individuals can be referred to the program through a court order, Victims Services, RCMP, Children’s Services or a self-referral by either parent.

What is intimate partner violence?

Intimate partner violence takes many forms:

  • physical
  • verbal
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • sexual
  • financial
  • spiritual

Intimate Partner Violence is based on a relationship of domination. Victims may suffer from isolation, harassment, humiliation, intimidation, threats, physical and sexual violence, and emotional blackmail. The abusive partner may also abuse the victim by controlling the victim’s income and expenses in order to take away independence. The partner’s hold over the victim might extend to a psychological level.

Alcohol, drugs and stress might worsen violent behavior, but do not justify it.

If you would like more information regarding the Safe Visitation program please call 403-347-2480.

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