Understand Homelessness

The staff at The Outreach Centre provide support, information and referrals to individuals and families who are in search of affordable and safe housing. They are available to help identify possible solutions to housing concerns (i.e. damage deposit, landlords, utilities and budgeting). We do not have housing available at the Outreach.

While workers deal with housing crises, the long-term goal of the program is the reduction of homelessness and repeat housing and housing-related crises. We concentrate on building skills and supports so that the client can avoid these crises in the future. We work closely with the Central Alberta Women's Emergency Shelter to assist those leaving the shelter to find safe, decent, and affordable housing. We try to insure that lack of affordable housing is not a barrier to leaving the shelter and/or making healthy family choices.


An outreach worker will:

  • Assist individuals find other needed supports, such as counselling, employment assistance, home care, Meals-on-Wheels, and transportation.
  • Help individuals secure identification for the purpose of employment, health care, or to find housing.
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