Outreach Services

Intake process

Walk in Clients at the Outreach Centre fill out a pre-intake form allowing us to identify their immediate needs.  Once we have evaluated the concerns, they would meet with the appropriate outreach worker.


If housing is a concern for the client we will evaluate their situation and if they meet the criteria for the Red Deer Housing Team they are referred to a partner agency (Canadian Mental Health) to do a housing assessment.  If they qualify they then meet with one of the Housing Team to start working on finding suitable housing.  If the criteria is not met we will supply a Housing package and some support may be available.

Domestic Violence Diversity Housing

Domestic Violence Diversity Housing is only available for those clients who have experienced Domestic Violence in the past or currently.  We work with these clients on finding housing and support.

Rural Outreach

Rural Outreach brings the programs that we have available to the individual communities within Central Alberta.  The Outreach Centre works with the individual communities giving them access to information, advisory, education and referrals.

Interagency Meetings

Inter agency meetings in the rural communities give them access to information and networking


Our Hygine program consists of basic products for our existing clients, our staff will assess their needs on an individual basis and help with supplying products for them. 

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