Men's Support Group

What is our Men's Group?

This is a therapeutic program for male victims of violence in an intimate partner relationship. It is a program that focuses on therapeutic change for men who want to be part of a healthy relationship and have a non-abusive future. The 8 week program addresses issues of abuse in intimate relationships and offers methods of coping with its effects.

The goals of the program are for participants to:

  •  Participants recognize and understand abuse dynamics.
  •  Participants take responsibility for choices related to their own and their children's well-being.
  •  Participants gain confidence in their ability to co-create healthy, abuse-free relationships.

There are four principle sections in the group, each section building on the knowledge and understanding gained in the previous components.

  1. Validation that the men are, or have been, victims of abuse.
  2. Identification and recognition of abusive behaviors.
  3. Challenging prevailing belief systems.
  4. Regaining confidence in the ability to have healthy, non-abusive relationships.
  5. This program is free.

When is it available?

Registration for our fall groups is now open

September 11 - November 13, Tuesdays 5-7 p.m.

Men's Group is offered for 8 consecutive weeks. Individuals interested in this program must pre-register by submitting the application form.

For current program start dates or more information, contact The Outreach Centre or Ruby at 403-347-2480.

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