Red Deer Collaborative Court Project

Collaboration has been defined as: a process through which parties who see different aspects of a problem [or issue] can constructively explore their differences and search for solutions that go beyond their own limited vision of what is possible. It is through collaborative project that creative alliances emerge. With the complexity of domestic violence and homelessness, the most urgent projects require the coordinated contributions of many talented people. With the pooling of resources, the team is able to achieve something together that neither could achieve alone.

About the Project:

The Domestic Violence Collaborative Court Project (DVCCP) was developed through the Domestic Relationship Violence Initiative Committee when the Domestic Violence Court began in Red Deer in 2005.

The vision for the project is to ensure that the Red Deer area is receiving a coordinated, effective and consistent response to domestic violence with strong mutually supportive and sustainable links among all applicable agencies and ministries.

The Domestic Violence Collaborative Court Project operates under the direction of the Court Management Team. The management team strives to ensure domestic violence cases involved in the judicial system are dealt with in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

This project has five objectives:

  1. To provide support and ensure safety of victims (adults and children).
  2. To increase victim participation and allow for victim input into the court process through enhanced support, involvement and information.
  3. To speed up the justice process by reducing delays in prosecution.
  4. To consider rehabilitative sentencing options when appropriate.
  5. To enhance the existing court process and outcomes through increased information gathering, coordination, communication and case management between the key players.
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