Frequently Asked Questions

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What is domestic abuse?

Domestic abuse can come in many forms.  Some types of abuse are financial, sexual, physical, mental, emotional, forced confinement, religious and spiritual.  Just because abuse may not always be physical, does NOT mean that it isn’t domestic abuse, it is about power and control.

If my perpetrator has been charged, do I need a lawyer?

No you do not, however you may be subpoenaed to court to testify as a witness if the case ends up going to trial.  You may seek court preparation and accompaniment for the process; however you do not require a lawyer.

What is an Emergency Protection Order?

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How do I obtain an Emergency Protection Order?

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How do I apply for a Parenting Order, or Interim Custody Order?

You can go to Family Justice Services located in the Court House and speak to a Family Court counsellor regarding information on how to make an application.

Where can I go if I am looking for information on divorce or mediation?

You can go to Family Justice Services located in the Court House and speak to a family Court Counsellor regarding information on these topics.

How do I access legal information if I do not have a lawyer?

You can access free legal information through Legal Aid, or the Central Alberta Community legal Clinic.

How do I report domestic abuse?

You can report domestic abuse past or present, by going to the Police and providing them with a statement and domestic abuse history.

Do I have to make an appointment or are you there on certain days?

In some communities we do have regularly scheduled days, but it is always best to call ahead and make an appointment with an Outreach Worker.  To do this just call the Women’s Outreach’s toll free number at 1.866.347. 2480.

Does the Outreach have transportation for me to get to appointments in Red Deer?

No, the Outreach does not have the ability to transport people to appointments, but we can help link to resources that may be able to help you.

Housing Assistance

Can I get help with a damage deposit?

We help people find damage deposits depending on where their funding comes from.  If you are receiving Income Assistance, we ask that you apply for a damage deposit through their application line.  The same goes if you are receiving you funds through AISH (Assured Income for Severely Handicapped).  If this application is denied, you would appeal the decision.  If these two income sources are not an option,  we would look at finding out if the money can be borrowed from Family or friends, could you sell something, could you receive an advance from your place of employment, or do you qualify for a pay day loan.

Do you have low income housing?

No we do not.  For those seeking low income housing in Red Deer, we refer you to the Red Deer Housing Authority.  In order to qualify, you must have children, no pets and no assets over $7,000.00.  We encourage people to look on the website: and the Red Deer Advocate as affordable housing sources.  Often Landlords and Management Companies offer great rent incentives ~ you just need to look.
We can provide you with an up-to-date list of Management Companies in Red Deer and area.

Can you help me move?

Unfortunately, we do not have the funds or the means to help people .

Do you have furniture?

We no longer have a furniture warehouse.  We refer people to the free section on

Can you come to my house to meet me?

No.  We do not do home visits.

What sort of things do you help with?

We support women and their families, who are experiencing the effects of domestic violence/abuse, as well as, those  individuals wanting to access support services related to their personal needs and concerns, or those who would like help with legal process concerns, or those who need assistance in  meeting their basic needs.

Will you come to court with me?

Yes, we will come with you to provide you with emotional support and help to explain the role of duty council, Provincial Court, Queen’s Bench, where to find the law Information Centre, give you information about Legal Aid and how to connect with the court family councillors.  We will also do court preparation to help you prepare for the court date.

Can I bring my kids to meet with you?

We prefer you to not bring your children to meet with an Outreach Worker.  We can help you find community resources to help with childcare.  The reason we encourage meeting one on one with you is because the content of information being shared isn’t appropriate for your children to hear.

Are you a counsellor?

No we are not counsellors.  We provide one to one support on a short term basis.  We provide crisis intervention, advocacy and information for individuals in a domestic environment.

Do you help with financial needs?

No, we do not give out money.  We can however, connect you with government agencies that can help you financially.

Are you the same as the Women’s Shelter?

No, we are a separate agency and we are not attached to a shelter

Donations and Support

Can I help out?  

You can make a difference in the lives of women, and their children, who are facing the issues of abuse, homelessness, and poverty by:
• Making a Financial or Gift card donation.
• Hosting a Third Party Fundraising event.
• Financially supporting our special projects, including: Julietta's Place, Tools for School, Adopt a Family.
• Or by volunteering

Do you take “used” goods?

No.  Due to hygiene precautions we do not accept used goods.  Our concern and priority is to ensure that our clients are not put at risk.

Do you accept clothing donations?

No.  Unfortunately we do not have storage space that allows us to accept clothing.

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