Who is Beasley the Bear?

Three years ago the Women's Outreach adopted Beasley the Outreach Bear, since then he has been our offical Mascot for the Outreach Centre.

Beasley sees the town.

Beasley has been seen at different businesses around town helping out with different fundraisers and just meeting new people.  Some of the businesses you might have seen Beasley at include, Tim Horton's, Trilliant Real Estate, Expedia Cruise Ship  Centre and last year he even walked in the Westerner Parade. 

Beasley wants to see the world.

Beasley has wanted to see the world ever since he was a little bear, purchse a mini Beasley and take him on vacation with you.  Send us your pictures of Beasley and we will add them to his webpage.




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